Alerts and Reminders


Also, again this year we have students at our school with a severe allergy to products containing nuts. It is therefore necessary to ban all food products containing traces of nuts. Please cooperate fully with this request!


We ask as well that students and parents not wear scented products in the building as we have a number of asthmatics and people with a high sensitivity to strong scents.



 We always have great concern about the safety of our students on our back parking lot. Again this year, we are asking everyone to bear in mind the following:

 1. Please stay off the lot during drop-off in the morning and pick-up in the evening. Please park on either Allen’s Road or Curling Street rather than bring your vehicle on the lot.

2. If you are visiting the school and there are no designated parking spaces on the lot, again use road parking.

3. A bus lane has been created for safety reasons. Please do not park on the upper or lower sides of the lot near the fences as this will interfere with the buses. No parking signs have been erected in these areas.

4. Please do not block off the driveway of the home owner next to the school lot on Allen’s Road. If you park there, it makes it very difficult for the bus drivers to make the turn on to the lot.

5. Please do not park on or too close to the cross-walks near the school.

6. PLEASE do not walk in between buses during pick-up of children in the evening.

Thank you for your cooperation on this very important matter!

If you make alternate arrangements for your child for after school, please write the teacher a note and inform him or her. We cannot simply take the word of a child that he or she has to go somewhere different. For example, children sometimes will tell a teacher that they have to take a different bus to a friend’s house. Unless the child has brought a note, teachers will not allow that child to do so.

 We need student information forms back as soon as possible.

 If your child is absent from school, a written note must be sent in when the child returns.

If you have to remove your child from school during the day, PLEASE let the teacher know.

If you come to the school during the day to see your child, please come to the office first and let us know. If nobody is at the office, please identify yourself to the teacher on duty.

It is advisable not to telephone the school and leave messages for your child. We cannot guarantee that your child will get the message.


Regular attendance at school is absolutely essential if a child is to keep up with the demands of the curriculum.  If a student is absent for more than two consecutive days, parents are encouraged to contact their child's classroom teacher to arrange to have work sent home for completion.